We love music videos.

We love making music videos.


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Music videos are always a rewarding challenge – whatever the budget.

We’ve shot Thai hip hop, Lebanese pop, Spanish Techno, French folk. We’ve shot fight scenes, love scenes, death scenes, dance routines.



Music videos offer a creative freedom that no other film making matches. You can simply go anywhere in a music video, the normal rules don’t apply.

We love watching a music video for the first time and being taken on a journey. That’s what great music videos do.

That’s what we strive for.


Some artists we work with have specific ideas and concepts in mind. Some artists have no idea what they want. It’s our job to take their music and give it the visual treatment it deserves.

Big vision, modest budget? We can do that!

Scouting For Girls : Life’s too short

This project was produced in record time. We’ve always had an unusual love for cardboard at keeponmovin’ and this project offered the perfect opportunity to fulfill a childhood ambition… to create a cardboard world. And what fun we had. Using the lo-fi hand-made aesthetic of cardboard and paper allowed us to create spectacular worlds, but on a reduced budget. Taking simple items such as tennis balls and inventive set design we were able to take the idea in any direction. Making this video was a wonderful film making challenge. Playing with perspective really pushes your creativity.


scouting test


One of the benefits of making music videos is that we get to work with young talent. Being able to cast so many great young people and give many their first appearance on screen is a fulfilling experience. They all delivered superb performances.









What’s that, you’ve only got a week? No problem!

Lonely Boy : Everything

This project demonstrates what can be achieved in a short period of time.

From pitching the idea, being awarded the job, producing, shooting and delivering the finished video… all of this was done in ten days. And that included flying back and forth to Tokyo to do it.

We’re unflappable at keeponmovin’. So finding samurai swordsmen, breakdancers, rockabilly dancing kids… all within 48 hrs on the opposite side of the planet is all in a days work for us. We have friends dotted all over the place, everybody knows somebody who knows somebody… so a few messages to Tokyo friends and the ball is rolling.

Before you know it, we’re good to go and ready to shoot. An exhausting few days, but we got the job done.

And we made some fantastic new friends along the way.


You got a big idea? The bigger the better!

ilan Bluestone : Bigger Than Love

This video is a perfect example of an artist coming to us with a vision.

ilan had a concept, an epic WW1 story. “Can you shoot it, in a few weeks?” he asked. We said “Yes. No problem.”

And you know what… it was no problem. After a few phone calls we found an ideal WW1 trench in South Wales run by Andy at Back to the Trench Experience. We secured the props, secured the locations, and when it came to filming singer Giuseppe delivered a superb performance. Rebecca playing his wife added real emotion to the story.

ilan and the label Anjuna were delighted. And we got to play with smoke bombs so we’re happy as well.